MBA Interns


As an MBA intern, you should be able to identify big customer problems, defining key hypotheses about business models to solve these problems, applying tried and tested business analysis approaches, combined with thinking outside the box to adapt to unchartered business prospect territory. You should be able to pivot and iterate based on the evidence you gather. You will work the out team to adapt minimal viable implementations and go outside the building to meet face-to-face with customers, seeking to fail often and early, pivoting and iterating based on collective feedback until hypotheses have been validated or disproven. You will also need to determine the growth mechanisms and market communications infrastructure required to push the selected solutions to the market.

If you love making a difference, playing a crucial role in the creation of disruptive products then this is a great opportunity for you.


A bachelor’s degree in marketing, market research, business administration or communications. MBA program preferred. Past work experience in relevant industry segments (enterprise SaaS, mobile consumer, call center, CRM, collaboration, analytics) is a plus.


At least ten hours a week


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